Coronavirus en Volleybal

Update maandag 24-03.2020

De Nevobo maakt vandaag bekend dat alle lopende volleybalcompetities,
inclusief de Eredivisie, per direct worden gestopt.

De competities worden definitief niet meer uitgespeeld. Er zijn voor dit seizoen geen kampioenen.

De Nevobo inventariseert momenteel de verschillende scenario’s m.b.t. promotie/degradatie voor
de competities 
van Topdivisie en lager. Dit zal van invloed zijn op de wijze waarop de
promotie/degradatie wordt ingericht. 
De Nevobo geeft binnenkort meer duidelijkheid hierover en
zal in contact treden met de betreffende verenigingen.

Het bestuur.

Update Monday 24-03-2020

The Nevobo announces today (yesterday!!!) that all current volleyball leagues,
including the Eredivisie, will be stopped immediately.

The leagues will definitely not be played out anymore. There are no champions for this season.
The Nevobo is currently making an inventory of the different scenarios regarding
promotion/degradation for the leagues of Topdivision and lower.
This will influence the way in which the promotion/degradation will be set up.
The Nevobo will soon provide more clarity on this and will contact the relevant associations.

The board.


Update Woensdag 18.03.2020, 13:30 uur

De Nevobo heeft vandaag bekend gemaakt dat alle
competities van Topdivisie en lager per direct worden gestopt.

The Nevobo announced today that all leagues of Topdivision and lower
will be discontinued immediately.

Het bestuur van WVV

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Update 17.03.13:00 uur:

In het verlengde van de overheidsmaatregelen die eerder zijn verteld heeft de Nevobo op 15 maart j.l.
de afgelasting van ALLE volleybalwedstrijden, trainingen en bijeenkomsten verlengt tot en met
in ieder geval 6 april 2020.

Vervolg competitie: De Nevobo beraadt zich de komende week over het al dan niet vervolgen van
de diverse competities en toernooien.

Update March 17th, 13:00 hrs:
In line with the government measures that were told earlier, on 15 March Nevobo extended the
cancellation of
ALL volleyball matches, training sessions and meetings until at least 6 April 2020.

Continue competition: In the coming week Nevobo will consider whether or not to continue
with the various competitions and tournaments.

Het bestuur van WVV.

Donderdag 12.03.2020, 18:00 uur

Dit bericht is eveneens te lezen op de site van de NEVOBO.

In verband met het coronavirus worden ALLE volleybalwedstrijden
in ieder geval t/m dinsdag 31 maart afgelast.

Dit betekent dat er geen wedstrijden worden gespeeld. De Nevobo
volgt hiermee het advies van NOC*NSF op.
De Nevobo adviseert daarnaast verenigingen zowel alle trainingen
te annuleren als bijeenkomsten met grote groepen.

De Nevobo beraadt zich de komende dagen over de manier waarop
de diverse competities en toernooien tot een goed einde worden gebracht.

 Het bestuur heeft inmiddels besloten om het advies van de Nevobo
 op te volgen en tot nader order alle trainingen voor
 zowel de jeugd als de senioren af te gelasten

  Namens het bestuur,
  Jan Rijskamp, wedstrijdsecretaris.

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  SUPPLEMENT    Date: 12-03-2020 | 18:00.

 Coronavirus and Volleyball

  Notice is also available on the website of the NeVoBo.

  In connection with the coronavirus be ALL volleyball matches
 canceled, in any case, t / to Tuesday, March 31st.

 This means that there are no matches. The Nevobo
 thus the opinion of NOC * NSF follows.
 The Nevobo also advises both associations all training
 to cancel the meetings with large groups.

 The Nevobo the coming days reflecting on how
  the various leagues and tournaments are brought to a successful conclusion.

 The board has now decided to take the advice of the Nevobo
  to follow and until further notice all training for
both youth and seniors make to order

   On behalf of the Board,
  Jan Rijskamp, w



      Official 06-03-2020 13:16 h.

     Coronavirus and volleyball in Netherlands

      Addition 06:03:20: May I shake hands with others?  
     The Nevobo recommends hand contact as much as possible to avoid, including shaking hands
     before and 
hub during the preliminary matches to omit. Wish differently
     opponents and officials an enjoyable game. The same applies to thank afterwards.
     Use own. Think bottle and referee whistle etc.

     Nevobo: At the moment there is no reason to take charge of matches / evenemeneten off measures to
order. We take the situation for granted in the holes and let us advise the RIVM
     (National Institute for Public Health and Environment) and NOC * NSF.

     W ij recommend that athletes and audiences have extra to pay attention to the basic hygiene . The RIVM has following
     its opinion. The most important measures people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus,       are quite simple. 

It is always important to follow them.

      They are:
      * Wash your hands frequently
      * Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow
      * Use paper towels

      More information read on the site of the R IVM

      En verder:
      Heb je koorts (meer dan 38⁰ Celsius) en luchtwegklachten (zoals hoesten of kortademigheid) en ben je de afgelopen
     14 dagen in één van de volgende gebieden geweest:
      *  China (inclusief Macau en Hongkong)
      *  Singapore
      *  Zuid-Korea
      *  Iran
      *  De Noord-Italiaanse procincies: Lombardije, Veneto, Emiglia Romagna, Piëmonte, Aosta-vallei,
          Trentino-Zuid-Tirol, Friuli-Julisch-Ventië en Ligurie

      Neem dan telefonisch contact op met je huisarts.

     Het bovenstaande geeft WVV dus ook geen reden om op dit moment de training af te lassen.
     Wij zien jullie aanstaande woensdag dus graag in de sporthal voor de training.

     Het bestuur van WVV


    Publication 06-03-2020 | 13:16 uur.

    Coronavirus and volleyball in the Netherlands 

    The Nevobo:
    At this moment there is no reason to take measures or cancel any contests/events. We will of course keep an eye on the
    situation and will be advised by the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) and NOC*NSF.

    Basic hygiene

    Athletes and the public are advised to pay extra attention to basic hygiene.

    Addition 06.03.20:  May I stil shake hands with others
   The Nevobo advises to avoid hand contact as much as possible, including shaking hands before and after
   the races to be omitted 
for the time being. Wish in another way the opponent and officials a pleasant
   match. The same goes for thanking them afterwards.

   Use your own stuff. Think of water bottle and referee whistle etc.

    The most important measures people can take to prevent the spread of the coronavirus are very simple.
    So it is always important to follow them up.

    They are:
    - Wash your hands regularly;
    - Cough and sneeze on the inside of your elbow.
    - Use paper handkerchiefs

    You can read more information on the site of the RIVM.

    And further:

    Do you have fever (more than 38⁰ Celcius) and respiratory complaints (such as coughing or shortness of breath) and have
    you been in one of the following areas for the past 14 days:

  • China (including: Macao and Hong Kong)
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Iran
  • The Northern Italian provinces: Lombardy, Veneto, Emiglia Romagna, Piedmont,
    Aosta Valley, Trentino-South Tyrol, Friuli-Julian-Venice and Liguria

     Please contact your family doctor by telephone.        

      The above does not give us any reason to cancel the training at this time.
      So we would like to see you next Wednesday in the sports hall for the training.

     The Board of WVV 

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